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Climate Action: Day 9

1st May, 2023

Educate someone else about climate change!

Here are some ideas:

For adults:

  • Share this kid-friendly guide to climate change with your kids/younger siblings or cousins/friends:

  • Talk to your colleagues at work about how your company can contribute to sustainable development.

  • Coordinate with power holders! Write to your MP or local leader, call for a meeting at your town hall, or work with other communities (clubs, NGOs, organisations, PTA, etc.) to spread awareness and take action.

For children and young adults:

  • Work with the environmental club at your school or university (or create one, if there isn't any!)

  • Talk to your friends at school and educate them about what they can do to take action.

  • Make a poster about climate change and put it up in your class.

Share more ideas with us below!

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