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The Climate Voice

Your silence will not protect you.”

—Audre Lorde

Image by Aleks Dahlberg

The Climate Voice is a space for you to share your thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis. Share with us your poems & your stories, your fears & your hopes, your memories & your aspirations for the future. Send us writing that roars like the ocean and sings like the wind. This is a platform for you to use creative writing to raise your voice and be heard.

  • Prose should not be longer than 2500 words.

  • Poems should not be longer than 80 lines each.

  • Send us up to 1 prose piece and/or two poems at a time.

  • Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • Send your piece as a PDF file to with the subject line: ‘Submission: The Climate Voice’. Please include your full name in the body of the email.

  • If you would like us to add you to our mailing list, please include "Add me" in the subject line of your email as well.

  • You can submit short stories, poems, letters, essays, journal entries, and creative non-fiction. We also accept hybrid forms such as lyric essays and prose poems.

  • All entries must be mainly written in English. You may include phrases in other languages, as long as the main body of the piece is in English.

  • All entries must be original. Plagiarism is not tolerated. Please cite any work that you may have incorporated in your piece.

  • The Climatopia Project will not accept work that discriminates against any group of people.

  • We accept previously published work. If your piece has previously been published, please make sure to let us konw that so we can credit the original place of publication.

Find resources, prompts, and tips here. Please feel free to contact Climatopia, should you have any questions.

Read published work here!

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