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Rucha Virmani 

Our Manifesto

Environmental awareness: Climatopia aims to bridge the gap between the arts and science and use fiction and poetry as tools to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Democratisation: In this crisis, every voice matters. Everyone’s story must be heard, and everyone’s opinion must be taken into account. Climatopia invites young people from all over the world to use this platform to reflect on their experiences and share their climate story. Through this project, we want to make climate-related resources accessible to all.

Celebrate the planet: Climatopia encourages you to use writing to explore humans’ relationship with nature and celebrate the natural wonders that remain. 

Emotions and mental health: Writing is a therapeutic and meditative activity. Through the vivid images of a poem, or the provocative narration of a story, we can process and reflect on our complex emotional responses to the climate crisis.

Youth-led: ​Climatopia is a youth-led project; however, Climatopia aims to empower, support, and work with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Science: The work that Climatopia will create and promote will be rooted in facts and research and be scientifically accurate.

Gentle protest: Activism does not have to be loud; it does not have to involve shouting slogans and marching on streets. Our project is based on the concept of Gentle Protest, a term coined by Sarah Corbett. Sometimes, deep reflection, meaningful words, and the power of imagination can be as impactful as traditional, louder forms of activism. 

Community: Above all, we want to create a community of writers and creative artists, bound by their love for words and the Earth, working in solidarity to contribute in meaningful and thoughtful ways to the movement. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned writer, you are invited to join our community.

While creative writing may not be able to solve the climate crisis, Climatopia believes that it is a meaningful and  powerful,  addition to the conversation. The Climatopia Project intends to achieve its mission through strategically planned creative projects, online resources, workshops, publication and performance opportunities, and collaboration with stakeholders.

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