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Ocean's Whisper: The Tale of Hope

by Mario Uosis-Martin

Ocean's Whisper: The Tale of Hope

by Mario Uosis-Martin

Once upon a time, in an echo deep and grand,
The giant of the sea spoke, a voice washing over the land.

Under the museum's glassy dome, I quietly float,
I am 'Hope,' the blue whale, with a tale of note.

From this surreal perch, I send a plea to all,
Recalling days when the seas did enthral.
Glistening waters under the sun's gentle gleam,
No humans, no pollution, just life in a dream.

No plastic debris, no oil's black mist,
An untouched beauty, by mankind yet unkissed.

Here I am, 'Hope', with a plea for the free,
Dream of a world unmarred by humanity.
Safe, pure, untouched by climate's dread,
A single drop of change can shift the road ahead.

So, don't shiver in fear or shrug in denial,
Every action matters, every green mile.
For a drop of change can birth a sea,
An echo of conservation, a world's hopeful decree.

In the heart's ocean, in the dove's song,
Lies a potent echo, a call to right the wrong.
The echo of Hope, let it resonate in every hall,
Through the whispers of the wind, let it touch us all.

Within a dream, I, the leviathan, begin to speak,
From the museum's heart, where ancient echoes leak.
Looking down, I see a shroud of fear,
Do you anticipate joining me here, so near?

Life was a harmonious hymn, a reverberating rhyme,
In the ocean's chorus, every creature had time.
Yet, here I am, 'Hope,' a reminder, a plea,
Echoing from the past, to the future we foresee.

Embrace Hope, let it be your guiding light,
Your beacon shining through the darkest night.
In the end, it's Hope that will guide us through,
Remember me, the blue whale, a testament to life's vibrant hue.

Written by Mario Uosis-Martin

Author's Statement:
As a psychotherapist, I find myself intrigued by the complexities of the human mind, our interactions with the world around us, and the impact of these interactions on our mental well-being. Attending a workshop on climate anxiety led me down a new path of exploration, stirring in me a deep concern for our planet's future and a curiosity about this burgeoning phenomenon of climate distress. Inspired by Hope, the resplendent blue whale that dominates the Natural History Museum, I wrote this poem as a testament to the past, a reflection on our present, and a call to action for the future. My hope is that through these words, we can start important conversations about our climate anxiety and find ways to address it collectively. After all, change begins with awareness and conversation.

Note: This piece was first published on this website ( and was re-published here with the permission of the author.

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