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Climate action of the day: a new project

Climate change can often feel like a vast, complicated issue best left to the realm of politics, science, and technology. As the global temperatures climb and seas rise, individuals can often feel powerless, unable to see how their individual actions can tackle the climate crisis.

While large-scale structural and cultural changes at a global level are crucial, individual actions can also play a significant role in the climate movement.

Therefore, The Climatopia Project is launching a new initiative: Climate Action of the Day. The idea behind this is simple: every day, we will post one climate action that individuals can take up in their daily lives to contribute to the climate movement. These actions will be based on the UN’s list of 170 climate actions, and will also include elements of literature, creative writing, art, and reflection.

Date: This project will start from 23rd April, 2023 (Sunday)

How: We will post the climate action of the day on our Twitter as well as on our blog!

As you complete the climate action of the day, we encourage you to post pictures, reflections, and observations on Twitter, using the hashtag #ClimateActionoftheDay. Don’t forget to tag us (@TheClimatopia)!

We would like you to keep in mind two things. Firstly, these actions are just suggestions. Please feel free to mould them according to your context, capacity, and commitments. Secondly, we request you to keep in mind that this project is a way to give an impetus to climate action. Even when this campaign is officially over, we hope that you will make at least some of these actions a habitual part of your daily life and will continue to perform them on a daily basis.

We hope that this project will provide individuals with a sense of agency, reminding them that individual actions accumulated over time and space do matter.

In solidarity,

Rucha at The Climatopia Project

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